What is Covered?


What is Covered?

FFA National Insurance Programme

The Northern NSW Football Insurance Programme actually consists of three policies:

A.  Personal Injury

B. Public and Products Liability and Professional Indemnity

C. Management Liability

Who is Covered?

The plan defines the Insured as:

Northern NSW Football and all affiliated clubs, branches and associations (and their member clubs), referees branches and Futsal centres;

In addition the plan extends to provide coverage to the following Insured Persons:

  • Registered Playing Members
  • Referees
  • Non-Playing Officials
    • team managers
    • trainers
    • coaches
    • masseurs
    • committee members
    • directors
    • office bearers
    • administrators
    • executive officers
    • selectors
    • other match officials
    • ball boys
    • medical officers
    • physiotherapists
    • co-opted voluntary workers
    • officials of the insured



When are you covered?

Cover is provided under the Sports Personal Injury policy to the above insured persons whilst:

a. Playing in official matches.
b. Engaged in organised training and Practice
c. Traveling directly to, from or between official matches or training and your home or work.
d. Staying away from your home district for the purpose of participating in representative or club matches
e. Engaged in administrative or organised social activities for your club or Federation. 

The policy also extends to cover insured persons whilst engaged in Fundraising activities and Voluntary Work performed on behalf of the Insured

Under the Broadform Liability Policy (Public & Products Liability) section coverage is provided:

“For liabilities arising out of the Insured’s Business.”

“Business” under the Policy means “all activities undertaken by the Insured and connected with the Sport (Football)  including responsibilities as landlord, tenants, property owners and organisers of social and fund-raising activities.

In summary, in order to lodge a claim under the Northern NSW Football Insurance Programme you must be an Insured Person engaged in an Insured Sporting Activity

Examples of Insured Persons engaged in Insured Sport under the Sports Personal Accident policy include:

A registered player injured in an official match

A coach injured at an official training session

A parent injured whilst working in the canteen

The parent would be considered a Co-Opted Volunteer and they would be considered to be engaged in an administrative activity of the club

A Spectator injured whilst watching the match

Spectators are not “insured persons” and can not claim under the Sports Personal Injury policy. The Club and officials are however protected under the General Policy in the event that they are legally liable for personal injury sustained to a spectator or third party.